Thursday, October 8, 2009

Deluxe Strawberry Cake Recipe

I have been asked so many times for this recipe & I have finally decided to come forth with it. Its so easy that you just can't believe how good it actually is until you try it!


One Strawberry Cake Box
One large Tub of Whip Cream
One large tub of Frozen Strawberries (thawed)

Follow the directions on the cake box and bake the cake for the required amount of time. While the cake is baking take the strawberries and place them in a medium size bowl. Beat the strawberries with a mixer for about 2 minutes on medium. The idea is to beat the strawberries enough to pour onto the cake. Once the cake is done cooking. Take a wooden spoon and use the stick end of the spoon and stick the cake all over .....making holes everywhere, make sure you stick the cake on the sides as well (be sure to stick the spoon all the way to the bottom of the pan). Once you have tons of holes all over the cake, pour the strawberry liquid on the top of the cake evenly. Let cake chill in refrigerator for about 4 to 6 hours. Then when ready to serve spread whip cream evenly over the cake.

1. Don't take to long punching the holes because you need to spread the strawberry liquid while cake is still hot.

2. Do not over cook the cake ....the more moist the cake is....... the better.